Airship Caravan

Est 2019 - Minneapolis, MN


Airship Caravan is a national touring alternative rock band with a psychedelic touch from Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Deion Kieley (vocals/guitar), Jack Wald (vocals/guitar), Taylor Dallman (bass), Laura Antus (guitar/keys), and Brady Madden (drums).

Airship Caravan’s new singles “Do We Know Anything” and “Follow You”offer captivating melodies, powerful vocals, and mesmerizing guitar solos, leaving listeners eager for more.

“CROWD CONTROL,” the band’s sophomore album, is packed with hard hitting rock anthems. The upcoming projects stray away from the calming waves of Indie Rock and fully embrace a gritty Alternative Rock attitude. The focus on memorable instrumental hooks and powerful lyrics is what defines the sound of Airship Caravan.




Band Members: